Perła Sudetów

Our Pearl in the crown of the Sudetes

Our Pearl in the crown of the Sudetes

In search of the perfect place

Do you have a place that you remember more than any other? We mean the one where you felt just right. Close to attractions and away from the crowds. Perfect for a family trip or a weekend with your friends. Comfortable and atmospheric at the same time. A place like Perła Sudetów.

Discover our fairy-tale guest house

Imagine a historic villa with a white façade and truly fabulous finishes. The soaring tower promises atmospheric interiors, spacious rooms and big-hearted people who create this place. PerłaSudetów is our gateway to the world of unforgettable views, the mysterious Spirits of the Mountains and stories about mountain adventures. We are here for everyone, big and small, from near and far, hungry for winter madness and a quiet corner to rest. Visit us with your beloved companions, also the four-legged ones, and we will entertain you according to fairy-tale standards..

Choose a place for yourself

We would like to accommodate everyone, but our schedule, especially in the season, is literally bursting at the seams.
Unfortunately, the next year won’t get any longer! Click below and check the available dates now.
We hope you will find a perfect room.

For sleeping and spending time

Bed! Comfortable, large, the one that will prepare you to conquer ski slopes, will fit your kids and welcome you with its warmth after reaching Śnieżka. This is what we cared about the most. We, as mountain lovers, know how much energy is needed to enjoy them. In our rooms, you will find lots of space, even more comfort and lots of additional possibilities. Additional person? Four-legged friend? We will find a place for everyone. For us, historic means atmospheric, not old. Here, you can expect modernity in a cozy setting

Breakfast avalanche of deliciousness

As our mothers used to say: “You are not leaving without breakfast”. We have something much better than cold sandwiches, something from the bakery or a snack on the slope. In PerłaSudetów, you will eat a royal breakfast! It is served everyday in our dining room — Bon Appetit!

We love four-legged guests

Regardless of everything, it turns out that pets are perfectly prepared for a stay in Karpacz. Warm fur, endless enthusiasm, excellent condition. So, we too, are ready to welcome them at our villa. You just need to tell us that you are coming with your friend — we will do everything to make you both feel at home. If you need other pet-friendly places, such as restaurants, we will happily advise you.