Perła Sudetów

About us

About us

Meet the people who love the Sudetes

According to the definition, a local is “a native resident of a neighbourhood, city, region, etc.”.
How to say this? Locals welcome you! We were born in Karpacz, we live in Karpacz, we create a place where we love to be in Karpacz.

We invite you to our Perła Sudetów

The history of this place goes back XXX years, when XXX created a place that delights everyone. A lot can be built today, but the unique atmosphere of this place is the result of many years of his experience. If only the walls could talk, we would certainly hear about many amazing adventures straight from mountain trails. 

the trails

From here, you will quickly get to both the hiking routes and the trail leading to Śnieżka

the centre

You can take advantage of the city’s amenities, and at the same time you can stay in a secluded enclave.

at your fingertips

Close your eyes. There is silence around you. A comfortable place where you can relax by being here and now. Enjoy!

A multitude of possibilities

We have prepared our accommodation offer in such a way that every guest can find the perfect room. PerłaSudetów includes 2 villas, and in them we have 2-, 3-, 4-bed rooms and one family studio. In addition, our rooms are divided into basic and premium. We focus on comfort — here, you will find modernity, coziness and attention to your needs. Extra beds, a place for a pet or other amenities are provided immediately.

What to do...

We have some suggestions for you right away! Karpacz is primarily associated with winter sports and mountain hiking. 6 slopes, Śnieżka, Wielki and MałyStaw, Samotnia shelter, Municipal Cable Railway to Kopa or Wild Waterfall. However, this is only the tip of the mountain of attractions. Let’s start closer to home – a place for a bonfire and barbecue is in our garden. In the vicinity, you will find the medieval wooden Wang Temple, Museum of Toys and Dolls and Lego Blocks Museum. Were will you start?

You will feel the mountains with us

With mountains just round the corner you can find experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. In PerłaSudetów, we promise to take care of your peace and comfort. Taught by experience, we will prepare the perfect background for the attractions that await you right outside our villa.